Would you believe silver is almost back to even on the year?!

After everything that’s happened in 2022, including an incredibly unfortunate war in Ukraine, and a series of unprecedented interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, with silver’s recent rally the price is back to even on the year.

To most silver investors it may not feel like it, as there was a brutal selloff throughout the middle of the year that saw silver fall even below $18 on a few occasions. But with the recent rally over the past 2 months, the price is actually now flat on the year.

Of course, what’s even more important is where things are headed from here, and in today’s show, in addition to talking about the recovery, Steve Cope of Silver Viper talks about the fundamentals supporting the market going forward, as supply struggles to keep up with demand.

At the same time, the long-term conditions surrounding the fiat currencies and central banks leave a less-than-stable trajectory. Which just adds to what’s happening with the supply and demand profile.

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