Will The Gold Cartel Collapse Like The London Gold Pool – with Chris Powell and Bill Murphy of GATA

Throughout history, gold and silver have represented the check on government spending and central bank inflation. With spiking precious metals prices often representing the final warning signal to the public that something is wrong with the currency.

So if you are a government institution that relies solely on printed money for your funding, seeing the gold and silver prices rising does not come as good news. Because when things eventually get far enough out of control, that’s when these governments eventually crumble.

For many who have grown up in today’s fiat currency era, seeing a world without the dollar as the reserve currency is hard to imagine. But for those who have been looking closer and compiling the facts and evidence like Chris Powell and Bill Murphy of GATA, not only does it become easier to see what’s happening. But also to see that it is finally happening now as we speak.

Even more shocking are the similarities between the current financial arrangement and what led to the collapse of the London Gold Pool in the late 1960s. Which Chris and Bill were kind enough to join me at the New Orleans Investment Conference and discuss.

So if you’re invested in gold and silver, but continue to wonder why the prices have not moved yet, or if they still will, then click to watch this important interview now!


Chris Marcus

November 11, 2019


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