Will The Fed Actually Get Inflation Back Down To 2%?

As the #FederalReserve continues to hike interest rates in its efforts to tame #inflation, the government figures have come down. Perhaps more than some expected, yet still a ways away from the Fed’s 2% mandate.

But what’s increasingly becoming a more relevant question, is whether the Fed will ultimately be able to be successful in its quest to reach that mandate.

Because the more the Fed hikes, the more pressure it puts on the economy and the banks. At a time when there’s already a fragile balance, that’s already resulted in a series of bank failures earlier this year.

So on today’s show, Greg Crennan of Golden Coast Consulting joins me to look at the dynamics behind the Fed’s efforts to fight inflation, and whether he thinks they will ultimately achieve their goal. He also talks about why the stock market has been rallying even despite the Fed’s hikes, and what he sees going forward for the #gold and #silver space.

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