Will Silver ETF Demand Break the COMEX – with Ted Butler

In part 2 of my interview with Ted Butler, we talked about how over 120 million ounces have been reportedly added to the silver ETFs over the past few months. And whether he thought that could have been possible while seeing silver only rise $4-5.

Ted also talked about the possibility of an investor converting SLV shares into physical, and how this all plays out. Whether it’s reasonable to have faith in the Department of Justice, or should they fail to act, how close we might be to the point where the amount of silver demanded by industry just isn’t available.

While the timing remains the great unknown, especially with the recent charges against JP Morgan by the DOJ, the facts are increasingly leading to a smaller set of defined outcomes. And to find out what those look like, and if there’s really been anything similar occur in history, click to listen to the interview now!


Chris Marcus

September 26, 2019



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