Will Hillary Clinton Be Indicted?

If even a fraction of what former CIA official Kevin Shipp is reporting about the Clintons is remotely accurate (which I personally do believe it to be), the United States might well be on the verge of a governmental crisis.

Which would likely also trigger the long-overdue financial market repricing.

You can see Kevin’s background in the fact sheet below, and after listening to his recent interview on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, he certainly comes across as a credible witness to me.

Which makes what he reports just absolutely stunning.

Consider Shipp’s comments about Hillary Clinton:

“She formed basically the equivalent of an international super-pact to funnel money through the Uranium One deal…$140 plus million dollars, into the Clinton Foundation.

She did that because these donations went to secret off-shore bank accounts…so her secret server in this whole deal with the Clinton Foundation essentially was set up…to conceal all of this, especially from Congress.

There were $2 billion that went into her presidential campaign over 4 years through Uranium One.

Uranium One was a front company for her to launder money globally so it wouldn’t be under U.S. law.”

Shipp believes it’s possible that the Clintons and other prominent figures may well be indicted and charged with crimes. And given the stunning nature of many of the acts the Clintons and others are alleged to have committed, this could certainly be an accelerant towards the popping of the stock, bond, and real estate bubbles.

Because some of the news that is emerging from the email servers is so shocking in regards to what major figures in the U.S. government have been up to behind the scenes, that it’s difficult to see the information emerging without shaking the core of the governmental structure. Which I would expect would then severely impact the financial market and dollar infrastructure as well.

Shipp mentions in his interview that all of the information he presents is verifiable. And for what it’s worth, what he says also matches much of what I’ve heard from other sources I believe to be credible.

While I wish this were not the news to report, it’s incredibly significant nonetheless. And watching the interview and considering what Shipp is saying with an open mind will also allow you to position your investments before much of the rest of the world finds out what’s coming.


-Chris Marcus

July 27, 2018


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