Will Banking Issues Force The Fed To Pause Next Week…

It’s been a tough week in the #banking sector, as just a few days after Silicon Valley Bank experienced a bank run, and several other regional banks came under pressure, Credit Suisse was back in the news on Wednesday as their share price dropped again after their biggest lender said it would not be able to commit more capital.

Credit Suisse had been experiencing liquidity issues even before the SVB bank run, and while the latest concerns at the Swiss bank aren’t necessarily caused by SVB, it’s the latest pressure point being added to a banking sector that’s looking increasingly fragile by the day.

Interest rates have been rising around the globe, with many suggesting that the Fed will continue to hike until something breaks. And it appears as if we’re increasingly nearing that breaking point. On Thursday the Swiss National Bank extended additional credit to Credit Suisse to stem the decline. Yet the move is emblematic of how the central banks can raise rates for a while, but when that causes issues, they get forced to provide additional credit.

As a result, there continues to be strong demand for physical gold and silver, as investors around the world remain concerned about how this all ends. And to find out more about the latest developments, click to watch this video now!