Why Silver Over Gold?

For those who have come to accept that U.S. spending and money printing is out of control, precious metals like gold and silver can be a great investment.

But which to choose. What’s the difference. And is one better than the other.

Like most investment decisions that depends a lot on your situation and perspective on our future. But in today’s video I share some of the factors I considered, which eventually led me to lean far more heavily towards silver than gold.

First to consider is that there is far less above ground silver than most would likely imagine. While the U.S. Government used to have a large stockpile, I believe that’s largely been consumed over the years, as the growing use of silver in industrial applications has created a deficit in the market.

Here’s a quote from one of my current favorite market commentators Rob Kirby:

“Virtually every ounce of gold ever mined is in existence in stocks on the face of the earth. And silver being a dual use metal, being monetary and industrial, silver tends to get consumed, and the reality is there is much less in terms of stock of silver available above ground than there is gold by a factor of about 8.

There’s is widely admitted to be roughly around a billion ounces of silver in existence in above ground stocks. Which is about the amount of silver that’s mined out of the earth’s crust in 1 year. Whereas there’s probably 7-8 billion ounces of gold in identifiable or alleged above ground stocks.

So silver in reality is more rare above ground on the planet than gold. Why it’s trading at 1/75th of an ounce of gold is something that maybe Mr. Mnuchin and the folks at the Exchange Stabilization fund would like to explain in detail.”

Take a look at today’s video and see what you think for yourself!

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