What’s Next For The Gold Price – Find Out At The New Orleans Investment Conference

While many are often invigorated when they first get into gold and silver, there’s a common frustration that many then quickly run into. In particular, that while they are inspired by what they are learning, they often feel as if no one around them gets it and is seeing the same thing.

And perhaps that is part of the journey of breaking out of WallStreet’s hypnosis and finally grasping what’s really been going on all along. I still remember when I first began studying Austrian Economics, and how I was stunned by what I was learning. And yet simultaneously somewhat confused by how when I talked to the people around me on Wall Street, the only response I heard was, “well things like that don’t happen in the US.”

Fortunately, in the years since then I’ve learned that there are most indeed many others with a similar perspective out there. And have always found it amazingly refreshing and encouraging when I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many of these other people in person.

One of the places where I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do that was at last year’s New Orleans Investment Conference, a great event that has a focus on precious metals, the non-CNN version of geopolitics, and Austrian economics. And with this year’s conference coming up in just two weeks, I was fortunate to be joined on the show by Brien Lundin, the host of the conference.

Who shared not only what he’s seeing coming next in the gold and silver markets, but also some more information about the incredible group of experts he’s assembled at his conference. Who have insight into just about any financial question you could come up with.

I’ll be down there filming interviews and talking gold and silver as well, and especially given what’s going on in the world, it’s a great event to check out this November 1st through 4th.

To discover more, click to listen to the interview. And hope to see you there!


Chris Marcus

October 18, 2019


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