What The Gold to Silver Ratio Is Telling Us

The trading action in silver has been choppy over the past few months, with the price rising above $24 per ounce, before recently declining to near the $20 level.

Meanwhile, the gold price remains above $1800, still near the higher end of its historical range. Leaving the gold-to-silver ratio around 90 to 1. Which David Stein of Kuya Silver suggests is an indication that we still have not entered a bull market in the precious metals.

Historically during bull markets, the silver price has outperformed the gold price, and David Stein of Kuya Silver suggests that given gold’s performance relative to silver, that we still have yet to enter another precious metals bull market. Yet that when we do, he still expects silver will enter a period of out-performance relative to gold.

In today’s episode, David also gives us a look inside the PDAC conference in Toronto that’s going on this week, and he talks about what investors and miners are saying about the metals right now. So to find out more about the latest news in the silver world, click to watch this video now!