We’re Losing The Primary Silver Miners

One of the lesser-known dynamics in the silver industry is that the majority of the silver supply doesn’t come from companies that are focused on mining silver.

Most of the silver supply comes as a by-product of copper, lead, zinc, and #gold miners. And with the #silverprice still not that far above the cost of production for a primary silver miner, we’re seeing less and less companies launching silver projects.

Which means that even as the Silver Institute reports a 253 million ounce deficit for 2022, and projects another deficit in 2023, there’s still not a new chunk of supply coming in the pipeline. And especially at a time when the green movement will be requiring large amounts of silver, while at the same time, the concerns in the banking system are triggering a new wave of investment silver demand, the conditions are in place to see the supply-demand gap continue to grow.

So in today’s call, Steve Cope of Silver Viper Minerals joins me on the show to discuss the imbalance, and how he sees it ultimately playing out.

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