Weaker Dollar to Drive Gold Price Higher in 2023

After a volatile year for the gold and silver prices in 2022, we’re still left in the position where we’re headed towards recession (and by some measures already in one now), which doesn’t leave any easy answers for the central banks in 2023 and beyond.

For most of the year, the major central banks have been raising interest rates and watching the markets decline as the dollar has risen. But now they’re getting ready to slow down the pace of their rate hikes, and they still have the fallout to deal with.

So in today’s call, I talk with Brett Richards of Goldshore Resources about the macro environment, which he believes will see a weaker dollar going forward as the US continues to run deficits and is now facing recession. He talks about how the central banks will be forced to respond, and why that will weaken the dollar in the years going forward.

He also comments on how what we’re seeing compares with other eras of financial tension, how the political cycle will affect the metals prices, whether the gold juniors are going to be able to produce enough reserves for the majors, and whether we can mine enough metals to meet the green mandates.

So to better understand the drivers in the gold and silver markets going into 2023 and beyond, click to watch the interview now!