Vince Lanci: Why The Silver Price Is So Low While There’s Tightness In Supply

One of the most frustrating dynamics for #silver investors is seeing the draw-downs in inventory and hearing about the deficit in the silver market, yet seeing the silver price hover at $23 and fail to move higher.

So why is the price still so low despite these conditions?

In today’s show, Vince Lanci digs into that question and explains the dynamics that have set up the current pricing environment. He talks about who’s buying silver and why and looks at some of the underlying developments in where the silver is going.

Vince describes how countries are increasingly reluctant to share their silver supply outside of their borders, and the unusual supply chain dynamics that’s setting up in the market. And of course, he also talks about how this will affect the market going forward, and what silver investors will want to keep in mind.

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