Vince Lanci: Why The East Keeps Turning To Gold

As trust in the global economy amongst the major powers continues to break down, countries in the east continue to look towards solutions that don’t involve the dollar. And one of the key answers that keep coming up is the use of gold.

So in today’s show, Vince Lanci talks about why gold continues to emerge as the key pillar to the monetary framework going forward, and why gold makes so much sense.

Vince also talks about how #silver fits into that equation, and how the differences between gold and silver could be reflected in a currency backed by a basket of commodities. Because while the shift to a post-dollar world may take longer to unfold than some might expect, the shift toward where the situation is headed remains the same.

So to find out why the east keeps turning to gold, and what silver’s role might be, click to watch this video now!