Vince Lanci: Why Gold, Silver Spiked Before Selling Off On Friday

In the midst of what’s been one of the more exciting stretches in gold and silver price movement, perhaps Friday’s activity was one of the wildest days yet.

Gold soared to within shouting distance of the $2,450 level, while silver was pennies away from reaching the $30 level, before a stunning reversal that saw gold drop $80 and silver fall $2 before the close.

Despite the 2 month rally that brought the metals to those levels, the selloff left many precious metals investors a bit shaken. So in today’s show, in addition to covering the news of Iran’s attack on Israel over the weekend, Vince also looks at what happened with the metals, and what investors can take away from the move.

It’s shaping up to be another exciting week in the gold and silver space and to be prepared for whatever may come your way, click to watch the video now!