Vince Lanci: Why Gold, Silver Are Lower After Spike Last Night?

For those who check the gold and silver prices when the markets open in the Far East (which occurs on Sunday night in the US time zones), there was quite a bit of excitement as gold spiked over $2,140 while silver moved to within shouting distance of the $26 mark.

However, much as Vince Lanci was astute enough to suggest on Sunday night, the gold and silver prices are now both substantially lower than not only the levels they spiked to, but even to where they opened on Sunday.

So in today’s show, Vince looks at the drivers behind the spike in the prices, as well as what happened that has led to such an abrupt turnaround. Of course he also talks about the broader implications in terms of what this all really means from this point going forward, and what it is saying about the longer-term trajectory of the gold and silver prices.

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