Vince Lanci: Where is the COMEX & ETF silver going?

On Friday the latest LBMA vault holdings were released, showing another significant withdrawal from the silver inventory. Which raises the question, where all of this silver is going?

So in today’s call, in addition to explaining how the silver EFP (exchange for physical mechanism) works, Vince talks about the recent silver inventory draw-downs and shares his thoughts on what’s happening to all of the silver. He mentions the history of significantly large buyers in the market, how the banks have responded, and whether that could be the case again here.

Vince also talks about the possibility of a gold re-monetization, and how that would impact silver. And especially with the recent actions out of Russia and the BRICS, where there has been growing talk about a currency backed by a basket of commodities, it’s a possibility that’s a lot less difficult to imagine than it may have been in the past.

So to find out more about the latest developments in the silver market, click to watch the video now!