Vince Lanci: When Will Silver’s Price Reflect Its Value

As the quantitative easing and debt burdens have continued to build up in recent decades, a growing number of investors have turned to #gold and silver as insurance against all of the money that central banks and governments continue to create.

But while gold isn’t all that far off of its all-time highs, silver has yet to get back near its high mark of $50. Which raises the question of what will it actually take for this to occur. What are the conditions that will have to unfold for silver to reach $50, and go beyond that mark?

That’s what Vince Lanci addresses in today’s video. He talks about the dynamics between where the contracts that price silver are traded, and where the actual supply and demand is coming from. And how that affects the way the contracts are priced.

Vince also talks about the role that gold’s use as money plays in relation to silver, and why that’s still an important aspect in how silver will be priced in the years going forward.

So to better understand what will need to occur for silver to be repriced to match its underlying value and supply and demand fundamentals, click to watch this video now!