Vince Lanci: What Pete Rose Can Reveal About Silver

In today’s silver report with Vince Lanci, Vince looks back to the Pete Rose gambling situation from a few decades ago and brings up an interesting point about how while Pete was only betting on the Reds to win, a closer examination shows how some participants were able to game that information.

So in his report, this week he talks about how that concept can and likely is applied by some market participants in the silver trading world. As being aware of the customer order flow is one of the factors that influence the pricing of the market makers, and can at least be another clue to retail investors as well.

Vince also talks about some of the recent Bank of America talk about the #gold market, and how there are signs of M&A activity picking up in the gold and silver mining space, which he had forecast previously might be the case.

He also comments on the recent CTA (commodity trading advisor) activity, as well as some recent precious metals news, and once again lays out the conditions in the silver space as we begin another week of trading.

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