Vince Lanci: The COMEX Silver Dilemma…

Over the past year, we’ve heard about the seemingly constant growth in industrial demand for silver, and how China is leading the charge in terms of their silver consumption. So far we have yet to see a significant impact on the COMEX price of silver to reflect this activity, but in today’s show, Vince Lanci takes a look at what’s going on, and how it will have to be resolved.

Vince goes through some of the latest technologies that require more silver, why silver is so effective in meeting these industrial purchases, and why we’re not likely to see the growth trend reverse any time soon. And then he talks about the premiums for silver that we’re still seeing in China and the 3 different paths the market could resort to in order to resolve the imbalance.

So as we head towards the end of the trading year, with silver now in positive territory again in 2023, click to watch this video to gain insight into what lies in the months and years ahead!