Vince Lanci: Silver COT Improves, & Silver Eagle Premiums Explained

The past few weeks in the silver space haven’t been so easy on investors, as the price has sold off, while the mining stocks have been beaten up again.

But a lot of the activity in the financial markets often goes in cycles, and in this week’s SilverFix, Vince Lanci looks at the latest COT report, which for the second week in a row offers evidence that the worst of the selloff is likely now behind us.

He explains the takeaways from the report, while also giving a preview of what he’s expecting going into the fall and winter in the silver market, and why we may be able to look to better times ahead.

In the video Vince also talks about the silver eagle saga, that’s included elevated premiums over the past year, with eagles selling for as much as $17-18 over the spot price. He explains why it was able to happen, and the factors that led to that outcome, and offers some deeper insight into the parties that were involved.

So to stay up to date on the latest news and developments in the silver space, click to watch this video now!