Vince Lanci: Move to cover silver shorts is happening now

Zoltan Poszar recently wrote about the possibility of Russia responding to the G7 oil price cap by selling its oil for gold. Which is far from a done deal, but not entirely outside of the trend we’ve seen with a growing list of countries making arrangements to trade for their energy outside of the dollar.

And as Vince Lanci talks about in today’s call, this is placing an increased emphasis on holding physical precious metals as opposed to future contracts.

He describes how the recent actions on the gold and silver market, and silver, in particular, indicate that there’s a move to cover the paper shorts, so as to not be left as the one holding the ‘hot potato’ when this all starts to unravel.

He talks about the signs he’s seeing that suggest as much, why they are happening now, and how he expects the trend to play out as time moves forward. And with the Federal Reserve meeting this week, he also digs into the rumblings of the Fed eventually resorting to increasing its inflation mandate above 2%.

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