Vince Lanci: Latest Silver News & CBDC Project mBridge Explained

The silver price had a volatile morning following the news of JP Morgan taking over First Republic Bank, with a spike to near $26, followed by a plummet that wiped out most of the gains.

And in this week’s report with Vince Lanci, he talks about some of the latest news in the markets, as well as the dynamics that go on behind the scenes of the COMEX pricing system, and how the stock market is now adopting some similar characteristics.

He also looks at Project mBridge, the electronic platform that’s being designed to link the global CBDC systems, which in some cases are being backed by gold and other commodities.

Lastly, Vince takes a look at a recent report on Silver Viper Minerals and shares how he looks at some of the developments, and how he processes some of those data points, to give investors a better idea of what to look for.

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