Vince Lanci: Here’s Why Silver Sold Off Last Week

There was another sell-off in the silver market last week, and the #silverprice has now fallen below the $21 level. Although fortunately, to explain what happened and make sense of the move, Vince Lanci digs into what led to the sell-off, and what to expect going forward from here.

Vince looks at the recent inflation data, how the Fed is viewing it, and what the market’s reaction has been. He talks about how all of that has affected trading in the silver market, as well as the recent patterns from the CTAs (commodity trading advisors), and the impact that the other metals markets have had on the silver price.

Vince talks about how he’s balancing the fundamentals of silver and what he expects in the long term, with the shorter-term dynamics that are moving the price on a day-to-day basis. He also talks about the delays in the COT report from the CFTC, and shares some of his own experience with the regulators and what he’s learned about how the whole system works.

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