Vince Lanci: Here’s What Will Drive The Silver Price

The financial markets are off to a quiet start this week, perhaps taking a breath after the resolution of the debt ceiling last week, and ahead of the Federal Reserve’s next policy meeting next Wednesday.

Yet with market participants always looking ahead to forecast what’s coming in the future, Vince Lanci takes a look inside the gold and #silver markets once again and explains some of the current dynamics going on beneath the surface.

He looks at the differences between the current gold and silver rallies, and some of the past rallies the market has seen. And Vince also discusses some of the upcoming catalysts, including the central planners’ desire to eliminate cash, which is what he feels is, and will continue to drive the move into physical precious metals.

Lastly, he shares the unboxing of a recent purchase that will make any silver stacker smile.

So to stay up to date on the latest trends in the silver market, click to watch this video now!