Vince Lanci: Gold & Silver’s Stunning Sunday Night Reversal

In the middle of a period where the gold and silver markets have been trading in a manner unlike what many have seen over the past 20 years, Sunday night’s open in the Far East was another shocker.

Following Friday’s reversal, where gold and silver prices soared in the face of a significantly better-than-expected labor report (at least based on the government’s often ‘generous’ numbers), both metals gaped lower on the open Sunday night. Yet a few hours into the session, they spiked again.

Gold dropped $25 before shooting $40 higher, while silver was down almost 50 cents, but then just a few hours later was a dollar higher from that low. This has left many in the market wondering what’s going on with the precious metals, in the midst of an incredibly tense time in the financial and geopolitical conditions of the world.

To break it all down, Vince digs in with his daily morning report. So to get your week started with some insight into the latest developments, click to watch the video now!