Vince Lanci: Gold, Silver Mining Stock Funds Seeing Redemptions

As we approach the end of 2023, the gold price is about $100 higher, while silver is lower by about $2. Yet the mining shares have experienced another year of declines, with many of the mining stock indices trading even lower than when gold was at $1650 and silver was at $18 at the bottom of last year’s sell-off.

And in today’s report, Vince Lanci talks about how he’s become aware of 2 significant mining stock funds that are facing redemptions and have been liquidating some of their positions.

He talks about the impact this is having on the market, why they are selling, and whether it’s a matter of a different fundamental view, or a move that’s being enacted due to liquidity purposes.

So with gold and silver stock investors continuing to wonder whether we’ve hit the bottom of the sell-off yet, today’s show provides some insight into the flows that are moving the sector.

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