Vince Lanci: Gold Dips Back To $2,000 Following Friday’s Labor Report

After breaking decisively through the $2000/ounce mark last week, the gold price is back at the $2000 level following Friday’s labor report, which came in near expectations and left the market anticipating that the Federal Reserve may continue to raise interest rates in its upcoming meetings.

In the midst of banking issues in the US and Europe, gold had been rising even in the face of the Fed’s rate hikes, and still remains well off the lows of 2022. Yet both gold and silver dipped lower on Monday on the open in New York as the markets react to the possibility of further monetary tightening.

Fortunately, Vince Lanci of Goldfix Substack joins me again on the show to discuss how the markets are pricing in the latest news, and also take your questions during this live broadcast. He also shares his thoughts on Ben Bernanke’s recent book, as well as the other recent economic developments we’re witnessing.

So join us live at 1 PM Eastern to hear from Vince and ask your questions!