Vince Lanci Explains Why Silver Is Selling Off Again Today

Last week was a painful one for gold and silver investors, as the prices sold off throughout the week while bond yields surged. However as the markets opened this morning, there’s been no respite, as the metals are down sharply again, while the 10-year yield us up another 12 basis points.

So why are we seeing such a severe move right now?

Vince Lanci checks in today with his weekly silver report and discusses how we are in the midst of sell season. A period during which funds have traditionally removed money from the markets, and precious metals in particular, or have even just been outright sellers. He talks about some of the history of the COMEX how the current market structure facilitates this seasonality, and why that’s resulting in the current selloff that we’re experiencing.

He shows how the pattern has played out over the past 10 years, and also looks ahead to the buy season that’s fortunately not too much further off at this point.

So while it’s not the easiest day to be looking at the gold and silver prices, to get a better understanding of why they’re moving like they are, and what to expect going forward, click to watch this video now!