Vince Lanci: China’s Monster Silver Buyer Revealed

As the dynamics in the silver market have changed in recent years and left silver in a yearly deficit, one of the driving factors has been the large amounts of silver that China is using, in particular for solar panels. And while it can sometimes be difficult to get detailed information on some of the trends in the Chinese market, Vince Lanci has been doing some joint research along with Chinese analyst Bai Xiaojun to get a better picture of what’s actually taking place. In today’s show Vince talks about the inflows of silver into China, how the silver is being used, and who China’s large silver buyer is. He describes what he’s been able to figure out along with Bai, how this large Chinese entity is involved in the silver market, and what they’re doing with the silver they’re acquiring. It’s a helpful overview of the silver supply chain in China, which is set to continue becoming a larger presence in the silver market going forward. And to find out more, click to watch this video now!