Vince Lanci: China Continues Silver Consumption Amidst Economic Slowdown

The latest economic data continues to show slowing conditions in the US economy, with Friday’s labor report (that included significant downward revisions of previous months) being the latest reflection of that.

Although so far that has not stopped the silver consumption in China. Where Vince Lanci reports that their silver demand has remained strong, amidst higher-than-normal deliveries off of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. He also mentions how the higher-grade silver is already accounted for, which is forcing China to now go after lower-grade silver as the easier-to-find inventories are becoming more scarce.

Vince also takes a look at some of the economic factors that indicate a slowing economy, as well as how some of the more prominent Wall Street analysts are responding to the data. He describes how this will impact the #gold and silver markets, and how many of the countries that are producing these metals are going to be more protective of their inventories in the years ahead.

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