Vince Lanci: China Buys Silver Ahead Of Stimulus

As credit conditions in China continue to deteriorate, they have begun easing and adding stimulus in various methods to their economy. The latest move came on Sunday night as China eased capital requirements for stock trading, which led to a sharp rally on the open (although the market did sell-off throughout the session that followed).

So in today’s SilverFix report from Vince Lanci, Vince explains what’s actually happening in China, how the government is responding, and some of the clues that can allow you to see the moves ahead of their announcement. He also discusses what the CTA’s are doing in the silver market, and how traders are essentially front-running the CCP.

Additionally, Vince takes a look at the economic setup of the BRICS nations following their meeting from last week, and how some of the key industrial players interact with each other. So to get a better idea of some of the forces at play that will be driving the silver market in the months and years ahead, click to watch this video now!