Vince Lanci: Blackrock Takes Large Silver Position In PSLV

One question that often comes up in the silver community is what it will take for silver to experience a price breakout. With many feeling that it will require participation from the mainstream investment world.

If that does indeed turn out to be the case, we moved a step closer to that last week, as Steve St,. Angelo of the SRS Rocco Report noted how investment firm Blackrock has taken a large position in Sprott’s PSLV silver fund.

So in this week’s silver report, Vince Lanci talks about Blackrock’s move, why they might be taking this position, and the implications it will have in the silver market. Vince also looks at how the move by Blackrock is the latest data point in a trend of increased institutional awareness of silver, that’s a distinct change from what we’ve seen in past years and is reflective of a trend that he expects to continue.

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