Vince Lanci: Banks punish the silver shorts to start October

The silver price has had an explosive rally in the first 2 days of October, and now silver is finally trading above $20 again.

Fortunately, to explain some of the dynamics behind the rally, and why the silver price has moved so violently, Vince Lanci of GoldFix Substack joined me on the show again to shed some insight into what happened.

Vince talks about why the hedge funds have been shorting silver, and how the bullion bank market makers are gaming the patterns. He talked about the history of the banks getting long or flat near the price bottoms, and then shorting once the price has risen. And before the call was done, he also shared some interesting stories about some of the past large buyers that have emerged in the silver market, and how that has impacted the trading.

So for one of the more insightful looks beneath the surface of the silver market, click to watch the interview now!