The Big Silver Short is Finally HERE!

Remember how there were a few savvy traders who spotted the mortgage bubble in advance, and made a fortune by seeing what no one else noticed? Ever wish you had realized what was happening before it was too late to do something about it?

And what would you say if there was a similar situation happening again at this very moment, and this time you can be the one who comes out ahead when Wall Street’s latest bubble collapses?
Then just wait until you read “The Big Silver Short” and discover the shocking events that have been unfolding in the silver market.
Where the conditions for the short squeeze of a lifetime are firmly in place. Resulting in a stunning market shock that has now become a matter of “when” rather than “if”.

Consisting of interviews with 15 of the world’s top silver experts, “The Big Silver Short” reveals stunning insider information about what Wall Street is trying its best to keep hidden from you.
While also providing the road map to use what may one day be known as Wall Street’s new greatest scandal to your own investing advantage.

In this book you’ll discover:
  • Why Ted Butler thinks JP Morgan may have acquired as many as 800 million ounces of physical silver – well in excess of what the Hunt Brothers ever held!
  • Silver guru David Morgan‘s stunning answer to how many paper claims now exist on each physical silver ounce
  • Former CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton‘s stunning confirmation about what happened to Bear Stearns’ short silver position after it was taken over by JP Morgan
  • The shocking response whistleblower Andrew Maguire received from The Department of Justice upon providing evidence of the banks manipulating the silver market
  • Why silver is trading below what it actually costs most miners to dig it out of the ground!
  • How you can use this information to protect your investments when Wall Street’s next bubble collapses
  • And much, much more!

A stunning set of unique market forces have combined to create one of the most incredible mispricings in financial market history. As years of money printing, escalating debt, and naked short selling have combined to create the most glaring price anomaly I’ve ever seen, heard, or even read about historically.

As it turns out, while Wall Street can sweep the dirt under the rug, they can’t make it disappear. And the mountainous pile of dirty banking laundry stuffed underneath the silver market is about to explode.

So if you’ve seen the movie “The Big Short” and wish you had been able to spot the opportunity before it was too late, depending on when you read “The Big Silver Short“, now your chance has come.

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