The Upside and Downside To Today’s Silver Price

Figuring out the #silver price may well be one of the more challenging missions in the field of finance. Because while the supply and demand fundamentals, as well as the massive amount of money creation, may suggest one outcome, the commodity is still priced by the paper contracts that trade on the COMEX.

So given what is, today I talk with Jean-Yves Therien about where the silver price currently is, what that’s done to the production profile of silver, and what the upside and downside to the current price may be.

Jean-Yves talks about how the price of silver sitting just above the cost of production for many of the primary silver miners has killed additional investment to the sector, which sets up a gap going forward for future silver production. Which is in addition to the current deficit in the silver market, amidst declining inventories.

He also talks about the issues in the credit market that are still looming, and are in many ways being exacerbated by the Federal Reserve’s current interest rate hiking policies. And how all of these factors suggest a silver price that would have to rise in the years going forward.

So to find out more about the upside and downside to where silver is currently trading, click to watch this video now!