The End Game Investor

A gold-based approach to protecting wealth and profiting off Fed inflation

The End Game Approaches

Lean libertarian? Fan of the Austrian School? You’ve come to the right place.

You know that the failure rate of all paper money systems throughout human economic history is 100%.
You know debt cannot be accumulated forever.

These are facts of life as inescapable as our own mortality. The bankruptcy rate among all individuals, companies, institutions and states who continually accumulate debt is 100%.

There is nothing new under the sun. And the sun is about to set.

The purpose of The End Game Investor is to prepare you for the setting of the sun on the US dollar, and to shield you as much as possible from the inevitable consequences of human monetary hubris.

The big question of course, is How far away are we from the setting of the sun? If I knew the exact answer to that question, I wouldn’t need to sell subscriptions to a newsletter. But as an End Game Investor, I have both a fair idea, and an emotionally stabilizing strategy for dealing with the uncertainties of market timing.

The Strategy
The first thing to understand as an End Game Investor, is what gold is, and what it is not. Gold is not:
1. An inflation hedge
2. A store of value
3. A unit of account
4. A doorstop

Gold can indeed function as these things but what it actually is, is money, pure and simple. Even now, when you use dollars, you are using gold substitutes. The dollar only has any market value right now because it can still buy some amount of gold. The dollar was born as a gold substitute, and it will die when it is no longer a gold substitute.

When the dollar can no longer be substituted back into any amount of physical gold, the dollar becomes worthless.

That day is fast approaching.

Your objective is to collect real money now, and real money producing capital, meaning the right mining stocks, before money substitutes like the dollar, and all other paper currencies, die. When they do, real money will be in the absolute highest demand above anything else, because without real money, trade is impossible.

When you accumulate real money-producing capital, you are enabling yourself to accumulate more real assets than you ever thought remotely possible when the End Game hits.

In Weimar, for example, in 1923, you could buy a nice house in Berlin for about $100, or about five 1oz gold coins. The same will happen again.

As for trading strategy…

I’ve been in and around the market timing world for 15 years and I have studied system after system of timing strategies. Most of them are successful some of the time. None of them are successful most of the time. The trading strategy of the End Game Investor is not, primarily, based on chart patterns. It is based primarily on emotional patterns.

We hold a core of physical precious metals, mining stock positions, and some other commodity stocks. We trade above that core positioning with up to 30% cash. As our stocks fall, I increase allocations with available cash. As they climb back up, I increase cash. Through it all, we hold the core.

Sounds simple enough, right? Not so much. As your positions fall, the last thing your emotions want you to do, is buy. And when your positions rise, the last thing your emotions want you to do, is sell. But if your mind is strong enough – not to ignore emotion, but rather to use it as your buy and sell signal, then you’ve got it figured out. My job is to help you become that person.

I, just like anybody else, get scared and greedy. All the time. But when I feel scared I buy. And when I feel greedy I sell, holding the core positioning the entire time up to and through the End Game.

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