The Daily Coin’s Rory Hall: Gold Market Forecast For 2020

With government finances stretched thinner than ever, to the degree that the world is increasingly accepting negative yielding fixed-income investments, the appeal for gold and silver is now greater than ever.

The prices finally started to move a little bit this past summer, yet still seem wildly undervalued to those who follow the sector. So will 2020 be the year when we finally see a break out?

Fortunately, Rory Hall of the Daily Coin was kind enough to join me on the show to share his outlook for the gold and silver markets next year. And given all of the data points that Rory looks at and shares on his site, as well as the gold and silver experts he interviews on his show, it was interesting to hear what he’s expecting.

So if you want to know what the precious metals markets might hold in store for the coming year, click to watch the interview now!


To stay up-to-date on the gold and silver markets, visit Rory’s site at The Daily Coin.

Interview by Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics


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