The Crypto Some Countries Are Already Using As Cash

With the U.S. dollar looking closer to its end than ever, and other countries already experiencing the decay of their own currency, many are turning to cryptos.
One of which is Dash. Which fortunately Joël Valenzuela of the Dash team joined Chris on “Inside the Markets” to talk about and explain.
He discussed how Dash is used as digital cash, and how it’s being implemented in the U.S., as well as other areas that are experiencing currency crises like Venezuela. And he also talked about how the marketing team is using a creative strategy to involve local communities to spread the implementation.
For those who are concerned about the dollar, Dash is one of the replacements to be aware of. So click on the video to watch the interview now!

To see where to acquire Dash and where it can be used go to:
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-Chris Marcus

November 14, 2018


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