The Bubbles Are Bursting Now – Rory Hall

Many in the gold and silver community have warned for years about the eventual problems and cost of decades of government and Federal Reserve mismanagement. Because as we’ve watched them print and borrow in response to anything that’s happened in recent decades, it was clear that eventually the bill would come due.

But while that always seemed like some far-off event, it appears as if it’s no longer any hypothetical moment in the future. But rather that these events are unfolding now.

The Federal Reserve has begun doing something that they don’t call quantitative-easing, but has the net effect of increasing the money supply by providing funding lines to banks. Which also raises the question of just how strong the economy actually is, if emergency funding lines are required just to keep the banking system together.

And with the incentive growing for investors to purchase precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, while palladium may have already reached its breakpoint, you can only wonder how much longer it goes before we see the precious metals prices move. Especially because in the midst of all of this, the low prices over recent years have put a crimp in the supply. Which means that there’s less metal, as the demand is rising.

So how does it all play out? Fortunately Rory Hall of The Daily Coin joined me on the show to discuss the situation, as well as the events that are starting to finally unfold right before our eyes at this very moment.

So click to watch the interview, and as always, if you have any questions you’re welcome to email me here.


Chris Marcus

November 1, 2019



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