Tesla – Better Than Sliced Bread, Or An Electric Tulip Bulb: Dave Kranzler

With the price of Tesla stock skyrocketing over $900 per share this week, despite being under $300 only a few months ago, while the company has still yet to make a GAAP profit, the debate rages on as to whether it’s better than sliced bread, or an electric tulip bulb. As Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics joined me on the show to discuss.

While some are calling for Tesla to continue rising, Dave introduces some points that are worth considering. And also discusses how the share price really started to accelerate coincidentally at the same time the Federal Reserve started pumping new money into the system this past September.

So is it the company of our future, or the next Enron?

Click to watch the video to discover for yourself!


Chris Marcus

February 11, 2020



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