Ted Butler: JP Morgan Precious Metals Traders Charged By DOJ, Losses To Shorts Mount

Last week the Department of Justice not only charged several JP Morgan traders with manipulating the market, but even invoked the RICO act, which is traditionally reserved for organized crime cases.

Of course for those who have been following Ted Butler’s research in recent years, the news hardly comes as a surprise. Although it does certainly add a new volatile element into the equation, which Ted was kind enough to join me on the show and discuss.

Because at this point, if the banks engineer a sell-off and drive the price lower, they’re going to have to do it in full view of a government investigation. If they don’t continue to add to their shorts, while central banks around the world lower interest rates and re-start quantitative easing, a more significant rally could well be close at hand.

The banks that are short are piling up some big losses and margin calls, which makes it a fascinating time to see what’s really going on inside the market.

And since there are few that have deeper insight into this particular matter than Ted, click to watch the interview now!



Chris Marcus

September 25, 2019

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