Sub-$30 Silver Is Continuing To Restrict Future Production

The silver price is trading lower through the first 3 days of this week, with the spot price now under the $23 mark again. This is a reflection of the futures trading on the COMEX, yet ignores the rising costs the silver producers are facing in a market that’s already in a deficit.

Costs for the silver #miners are continuing to rise, which has made it increasingly difficult for many companies to exist as primary silver producers. And with non-primary producers also facing a challenging political and permitting environment, there doesn’t seem to be much relief coming on that side either. As a result, it remains a mystery where the silver will come from to drive the green agenda that governments around the globe are calling for.

In today’s show, we discuss the mining situation with silver exploration expert Steve Cope of Silver Viper Minerals, who sheds light on the actual costs many of the mining companies are facing, and why we’re not going to see a lot of new projects coming online as long as the silver price remains below $30.

He also talks about how the Fed’s interest rate policy is affecting the situation, as well as the implications of Moody’s downgrade of 10 of the regional banks earlier this week. That suggests that the banking issues we experienced earlier this year are not entirely behind us, which could be a driver for gold and silver in the 2nd half of 2023.

So to find out more about how all of these dynamics fit together around the precious metals markets, click to watch this video now!