Steve St. Angelo, Jorge Ganoza: Latest On The Gold Rally, Energy Dynamics, Fortuna Silver

Even with the current Fed Funds target rate at its highest level in decades, gold has continued to rally, despite inflation remaining elevated, while the Fed refuses to say it is done hiking rates just yet.

Gold has hit new all-time highs at multiple points in just the last week alone, and it’s interesting to think about how the price will respond when the rate cuts that even the Fed has suggested are coming in 2024 are eventually delivered to the market.

So in today’s call, we take a look at the recent rally, along with some of the energy dynamics that are in place and set to drive the metals markets in the years ahead. Steve St. Angelo of The SRS Rocco report joins me along with Jorge Ganoza from Fortuna Silver, to dig into these market dynamics, and also talk about how Fortuna has positioned itself to proceed forward as it all develops.

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