Steve St. Angelo: Energy shortage to drive silver price going forward

We’re entering an economic era where the focus on energy availability has perhaps never been more pronounced. Especially with Russia withholding its natural gas from Europe, and energy prices soaring, the dynamic has served as a reminder as to just how much of our current world is based on energy supply.

So in today’s call, Steve St. Angelo of SRS Rocco talks about the energy dynamic and how it relates to gold and silver. He mentions how we’ve reached the point where we’re now consuming more energy than we’re able to replace, and as that trend continues, how it’s going to make growing the current economic structure a lot harder.

Steve talks about how gold and silver will serve as stores of energy value, which will increase in importance as the traditional bond and stock markets decline without the same levels of energy production. And that the future economic path will be more based on preserving wealth rather than growing it.

So to get a better understanding of how the energy dynamic fits with the gold and silver markets, click to watch the video now!