Silver Trading Even With All Eyes On The Fed Next Wednesday

It’s been a rather quiet week in the gold and silver markets, perhaps unsurprisingly, with the market’s attention largely focused on the Federal Reserve’s upcoming policy meeting next Wednesday. Where the Fed is largely expected to leave its target interest rate unchanged, yet possibly offer commentary in regard to whether there will be more hikes going forward. And in early trading on Wednesday, gold and silver experienced some volatility, yet were largely flat, as they again traded almost directly inversely to the US dollar index.

Something to keep an eye on is how the other global central banks approach their own interest rate hiking policies relative to the Fed, with government inflation rates still elevated (even more so than in the US), which could lead to more hikes abroad while the Fed conceivably reaches an endpoint in its own upward rate trajectory. All of which is what has dominated the prices of gold and silver in recent months, with the markets believing that the Fed is almost done and that there could be cuts toward the end of the year.

So in today’s show, we discuss these dynamics ahead of next week’s Fed meeting and also take a look at some of the recent silver data. And to find out more, click to watch this video now!