Silver roundtable: Outlook for 2023 (Bill Holter, Rob Kientz, Peter Krauth)

With 2022 coming to an end in just over 6 weeks, we had a roundtable at SilverFest III that offered a preview of what to expect in the silver market in 2023.

I was joined by silver experts Bill Holter, Rob Kientz, and Peter Krauth, who shared their views on the Fed’s policy next year, whether the relentless physical silver demand will continue, and if we’ll finally see the mainstream investing audience enter the silver space in 2023.

They also talked about what kind of pricing we could see in the silver market, for both the paper and physical products, and how to prepare for a year that’s likely to have a lot of volatility.

So to find out more about what to expect in the silver market in 2023, click to watch this roundtable now!