Silver Price Is Sensing End of Fed Rate Hikes

After falling from over $26 dollars in early 2022 to under $18 towards the end of the summer, the #silver price has rebounded at the end of the year with a 33% rally that’s brought the price back up over $24.

Yet perhaps what’s most amazing, is that it’s happened as the #FederalReserve continues to raise interest rates. This is not entirely unprecedented historically, because there are several time periods throughout history where the precious metals have risen in a rising rate environment.

However given the pressure that silver had been under as the Fed hiked 75 basis points at a clip, it’s amazing that the silver price has regained as much ground as it has, and is now in positive territory on the year. So in today’s episode of the show, we look back on the developments of 2022, and how the silver price seems to be sniffing out the end of the Fed rate hikes.

Our guest David Stein also comments on the activity in the gold and silver shares, the movement in the dollar index, and what he thinks will be the primary driver of the silver price going forward over the next few years.

So for a good recap of silver in 2022, as well as a preview of 2023, click to watch this video now!