Silver Price Falls Again, But Supply Gap Remains Unresolved

It’s been a tough 2-day stretch in the #gold and #silver markets, as the prices are down again on Wednesday, falling shortly after the COMEX open in New York. A familiar theme, that comes the day after Tuesday’s plunge following the COMEX opening in New York.

Gold remains up on the year, although silver is now in negative territory, while the miners continue to struggle. Yet perhaps the positive to be found in the situation is that this is all occurring in an environment where the silver supply is already in a deficit, that the current pricing is set to exacerbate.

In today’s show, we look at the dynamics going on with the Federal Reserve, and some of the other foreign central banks, and how that’s all impacting the silver market. Steve Cope of Silver Viper Minerals talks about the global reserves of silver, whether that’s going to be enough to meet the demand going forward, and how likely it is that this level is going to be able to be significantly increased.

So on a day when the price is down, click to watch this video to get a better idea of what the future holds for the silver market!