Silver Price Decline Is Not Helping Supply Gap

In the Silver Institute’s ‘World Silver Survey’ released in April of this year, they calculated that the silver market ran a 237 million ounce deficit in 2022. Yet what’s even more problematic about the situation is that with the current silver price and mining cost levels, there’s no easy resolution to that deficit on tap in the near future.

One of the side effects of the price decline in 2022 is that it has kept a lot of investment capital away from the mining sector. And while there’s been a large increase in the silver price in between last fall and now, the money has been reluctant to re-enter the silver mining space. A trend that is not going to be helped by the recent selloff that’s now left the price again below $24.

So in today’s episode, Steve Cope of Silver Viper Minerals talks about the recent selloff, the issues facing the dollar and the debt ceiling, and how the silver miners and explorers are responding to the current environment. We also talk about the recent trend of some of the larger banks putting out bullish coverage of silver, and how that might all play out going forward.

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