Silver Price Being Supported By Ongoing Banking Issues

The big story in the financial markets so far this year has been the stunning bank failures in March and April. Which led to a surge in gold and silver demand, that has since subsided but has not gone away.

The Federal Reserve has continued to raise interest rates, which has led to ongoing concerns about regional bank consolidation. And especially ahead of large amounts of commercial real estate set to be rolled over at higher interest rates, it’s likely that we haven’t seen the end of issues in the banking sector.

This has supported the demand in the precious metals sector and is a trend that’s not likely to go away as the year progresses. Because as Ian Everard of Ark Gold, Silver, and Osmium mentions, once people’s eyes have been opened, it’s a trend that’s hard to be reversed.

In today’s show, Ian talks about the reaction from his clients this year to the bank runs, and comments on some of the dynamics in the silver market that he feels will drive the silver price above the $30 mark this year. He also discusses how some of the miners might respond in that environment, as well as his views on the BRICS and the de-dollarization movement.

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